Hello there world, I’m Elle (I’m the short one on the right.) 

I’m currently 16 years old and living in the city Hull. My hair currently is an odd purple/red/brown color, which I actually quite like, I also have hazel/gold eyes which look even brighter in the sun. As you can see I enjoy films and books hence the url, my favorite films and books do include the Lord of the Rings saga, anything by Stephen King and anything older such as Clockwork Orange and Girl Interrupted. I also have the most amazing friends in the world. Some I won’t be going to college with but I hope to stay in touch with. Also my boyfriend is pretty special to me who I’ve been with since Valentines day this year (cliche I know), he even started reading more to keep up with me  :happy:

I’m currently in my last year of school, starting college in September, it’s a massive leap but I’ve kind of already decided that I want to go to university before I’d even decided what I wanted to do at college, eek. I wanted to involve my passion for writing in whatever career I choose seeing as I’ve been writing short stories and diaries since I was little. Which means when I do go to college I’ll be taking English Language & Literature, Medieval History and Psychology, which I hope to help me get into whatever university I go to. I’m hoping for either Leeds or York as I want to move out. I’m not too sure on what career I want, at first I thought of being a writer or a journalist but I’m not too great at working to deadlines so currently I’ve decided on teaching. Either way I get to keep reading my books and writing whenever I can.

Other things I enjoy include; Star Wars, playing videos games (PS2 all the way!), Harry Potter, playing Sims 2/3 as much as I can, listening to music, going to gigs and believe it or not writing. While most people my age enjoy going out, getting drunk/high and all that I simply enjoy curling up in bed with a good book or film. I enjoy getting pierced and when I’m 18 I’ll probably enjoy getting tattooed just as much. My favorite TV show has to be The Big Bang Theory, simply for Sheldon. My life long dream is to own a camper van, which I hope one day will come true.

My three favorite bands have to include My Chemical Romance (purely for the fact their bassist wished my happy birthday) and The Blackout because every time I’ve seen them they continue to surprise me with their performance. Also included are The Candle Thieves, who mostly play acoustic music but they are so incredible with making their music and also their lyrics, they mean a great deal to me. I also listen to a range of different music from Eminem to Blink 182.

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