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So recently I’ve read a lot of books including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit and I can honestly say where have those books been all my life? I honestly wonder why I’ve never read them before because they were absolutely amazing, I always wanted to read them but I either forgot to buy them or they slipped my mind completely. They were one my Christmas presents from my mum last year and I’m so glad I put them on my list I really did enjoy them They are definitely in my top 5 favourite books of all time. Now on to the book I’m currently reading is called Eragon and so far I’m really enjoying it! I’m nearly half way through it and it’s so exciting I can’t really seem to put it down, in all honestly anything to do with dragons, Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings) and anything mythical really pulls me into the book and just interests me in general so I think this book series is perfect for me at the moment. This is currently (I think) the 5th book I’m on to reading this month because as I said I’ve read the LOTR trilogy as well as The Hobbit. Get ready for a detailed opinion!  :vhappy:

I read these books at the start of the year but ever since then they’ve stuck in my head, simply because they were amazing books and I just want to re-read them, as well as watching the films over and over again. I got these for the Christmas just passed as well as many other books and I got started on these straight away. I’d never given Lord of the Rings much thought before because I actually thought the films/books wasn’t that good but there is no comparison between these books and anything else written in this genre. About halfway through reading the first book I took it upon myself to buy the films and there is just no comparison between the two. If you’re not a book person then the films as just as good, there’s just something about the books that just well, makes you love the trilogy even more. The amount of description and the way everything is described with the complexity of them just blew my mind. The amount of time and effort put into the books is just incredible, truly a life’s work for J.R.R Tolkien. I’ve never read a set of books like them and I don’t want to because they were just simply in another world compared to the work of the publishing industry in this modern society.

I mean trying to compare this to recent work is just impossible because these book were the first of the kind completely, leaping into the magical world of Elves, Dwarfs and humans alike with the monarchs throughout the story. And from there moulding a story into something so complex and interesting you simply can’t put the book down and your mind is eager for the next chapter as soon as one is finished. Although they may not be some peoples cup of tea as the films or book may just be a little be too long or you may not like the genre concerned at all you have to give credit to the filmmakers and J.R.R Tolkien because they are quite the masterpiece.

The story starts off so simply, with a simple birthday party ‘eleventy one’ and from there it just twists and turns and suddenly we’re at the end of Return of the King stood at the entrance of Mount Doom with Sam and Frodo feeling as if we the readers have gone through such hardships that the Fellowship of the Ring have faced themselves, we feel as if we have battled with Orcs and overcome the Ringwraiths, visited the Elf haven of Lothlórien and feasted our eyes upon Galadriel. We feel as if we’ve battled through the Treason of Isengard with Treebeard and the Hobbits, I myself feel as if I’m a character watching upon these great feats all the characters have had to go through. We grieved along with the rest of the Fellowship over the deaths of their closest friends and felt as if this journey was never going to end and if it did and everything failed Middle-Earth would fall into peril and all would be lost.

I lost myself in these books and as I finished the last page of Return of the King and watched Frodo and and the rest of the Ring Bearers sail away to the undying lands I felt a small pang of sadness because I had finally finished the journey the Fellowship had set out on and everything had been won and evil had not prevailed. From then I realised I would never find a set of books like this because they were so complex and so intriguing I could never be happy with a story written in Middle-Earth again and trying to recreate them would be social suicide for any writer.

After I had finished these books I took it upon myself to read The Hobbit and once again lost myself in Middle-earth and now I’m one of the many anxious fans waiting for the film to finally be released (I’m so excited!) Without a doubt I would recommend these books to anyone that wants to read a unique book that they will just loose them self in. They are such a good read I just want to read them over and over and without a doubt I probably will in the coming months. As well as myself my granddad has also read the books and just like me is completely in love with them. Without a doubt me and him will be queued up to see the first showing of The Hobbit as soon as it’s released, maybe even squealing with excitement.


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  1. try reading the clive cussler books i find his work brilliant, i have a fair few of his books if you need help picking one just ask.

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