I am so gutted, I didn’t get to see Avengers tonight like we all planned! I even told my mum to book tickets just in case and she didn’t. Me, my mum, my boyfriend and her boyfriend all turned up to cinema to see that all the showings had sold out, we then decided to go to a 3D showing and it would of cost nearly £30 on Orange Wednesdays! (Get 2 cinema tickets for the price of 1) so instead we went to KFC and got a variety bucket, yum yum! :love:

I guess after that my night was uneventful. I sat down to watch Spy Kids 3D with my boyfriend as well as setting my film/book blog back up. I guess I’ll have to go see Avengers another night :cry:

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  1. Oh, I hate when that happens! ;_; Like, it’s not even slightly a big deal, as the theatre will still be there in a couple days, and the movie will still be showing, but when you get all excited and ready to watch it at a particular time and then that plan is notched, it’s always a major bummer. T^T;

    Hope you get to see the Avengers soon!

    • Ah I know exactly how you feel, it’s kind of like a mood ruining moment :sad: But thanks I hope I do soon too! ^_^

  2. It sucked a lot suppose we did get KFC so it wasn’t all bad after all :) xx

  3. i had that the other week as week :/
    stupid arnt they
    they say2 for 1 then just fob u off with excuses bout stuff its so anoyin >:@

    • So yummy right?! I know they are always thinking about making money, changing the rules and nothing else. So aggravating, I guess it’s just easier to buy DVD’s some days :(

  4. They are, all they do is want to make money
    we had a similar problem with the hunger games.

  5. you would think they would be able to put more shows on of the more popular films and stop showing all the crap films no body wants to go see

  6. was great and Joe i totally agree with you on that i saw the other week a showing of a 12A kids film at 5 to 10 i’m sorry but 12 year olds kids should not be at cinema at that time, it just gets on my nerves
    Elle your half right cinema followed by KFC would be the best possible outcome xxx

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