There are many other places on the world wide web you can find me, here are a few of them, want to add me on facebook just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you  :vhappy:

I did have a film/book blog separate to this one called ‘gandalfs-cinematique’ and ever since then I’ve been trying to re-set it up but I just haven’t had the time so I’ve decided to merge this one (my personal one) with that one just to make everything a little easier :happy:
Tumblr – From here you can access many more things I am involved in such as instagram, other blogs I run as well as other tumblr’s I run.
Instagram Here is a link to web instagram where you can see any pictures I post or follow me via iphone by adding me – hail0fbullets.
Goodreads Goodreads – This is were you can see my daily updates of what books I think and my thoughts in less detail after I’ve read them. – Here you can see what music I enjoy daily, add me and see what music we have in common.
DevianART – Here you can see everything that I don’t have on my Flickr (I don’t have a pro account :cry: ).
Flickr – I rarely update on here because I don’t yet have a pro account, once I do I’ll update a lot more.


Here are a few blogs I like to read from day to day and I enjoy visiting. I like making new friends and if you feel like exchanging links with me, e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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