July 3rd, 2012

Prom: Before

My gorgeous prom outfit, which I’ll be wearing Thursday and I can’t wait, I still have to sort out my hair and make up (also there’s a clip in top hat which I didn’t include) which is so hard. I guess I’m just really excited so I’ll just go with it when the time comes.

Hell Bunny Petal Dress- which was £39.99
Knuckle Duster Skull Clutch Bag – which was £21.50
Silver Heart Black Choker – which was £5.94
Fingerless Fishnet Gloves – which were £4.
Fishnets Bow Tights – which were £4.
Black 8-Eyelet Doc Martens – which were £66.

July 2nd, 2012

What a week!

Man I sure have had a busy week! My grandma came home from Cornwall, bring lots of camper van related gifts and pictures, (I have small obsession). I got 2 cute little money boxes, sweets like always, some postcards for my scrapbook and a key ring which I’m so pleased with. Also during the week I finally got the few bits and bobs I needed for my prom. These included my gorgeous choker and necklace which was so hard to find because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I’m so picky with bags :lol: but I did eventually find one and order it and both items came the next day!

Also we had dinner at Nando’s always a good place to eat, it’s a shame it’s so expensive but it was a day out round town with my mum suit shopping for my twin for prom so it was all worth it in the end. I even got new makeup, I made up the excuse of needing it for prom but the fact is I love new make up!

Also I had my college day last week with one of my best friends. Basically it was like our welcome day and we had to pick 4 subjects for the day and we went to explore them. This meant getting even more background information on the courses and anything we can do over summer if we really want to do the course such as books we can read over summer for the course, I can finally say I’m set on English lit and English lang and psychology, but whether I do both medieval history and photography is another thing. I guess I have till August to figure it out  :happy:

Anyway on to today! I stayed with tom last night and we made an early trip this morning so I could get these gorgeous shoes, aren’t they lovely? Well they were until I put them on and they ripped my feet apart, I keep telling myself I need to wear heels more. But for tea we got a bucket from KFC which always makes our day.

Anyway I guess it’s time to finally finish the Fifty Shades trilogy with the last one ‘Freed’ it’s a shame to see it go – xo

June 27th, 2012

The Wonderful World of the Kindle!

So I’ve finally discovered the world of the Amazon Kindle, yes time and time again I’ve been asked by my parents if I want one at birthdays and Christmases because I’m an avid reader but I’ve always said no. There’s nothing like the feel of a good thick book between my hands but recently I’ve thought differently on the whole subject. Although I like the feel of a book in my hands when reading I don’t always like carrying around the huge thick ones I buy, then I thought of a kindle. I decided to test out my granddad’s for the next month to get the hang of it.

Soon enough I fell in love with it. I mean I start college this September and in 2 years I hope to be on my way to attending university, which means I’m going to have to figure out a way to take my book collection with me! (It’s totally too 100+ books now, eek!) Which is when I thought of the Kindle. You can take 1400+ books with you on the go, you can read it in daylight and dark but also it weights almost nothing! Then I looked at the downside of it, what happens to the books I already have? And also what if I want to buy a book but I also want it on my kindle?

I guess I decided that yes I will want one maybe later this year but also I can carry on buying books, just the special ones I want to keep. I have to admit I am blown away by the kindle, it sure is amazing, the brilliance of it and the actual idea of it is fantastic. I just wish they would find a way to put books you already own on to the Kindle so you can take them with you!

Also like everyone else currently, I’ve started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, well I actually haven’t started the first page yet but I will be later on today. All I can say is my mum’s read it and she enjoyed it, time to see what the big fuss is all about. I mean it can’t be that special right, lots of people write erotica and are never know for it.

Wish me luck – xo

June 18th, 2012

Buzz Buzz Busy!

I’ve been so busy recently I just don’t have time for anything! I want to work on this blog and improve my theme, man I never knew finishing school was so hard, stressful and tiring! I ~ officially ~ left school on Thursday 3st of May, ah exciting I know!  :woah: I can’t actually believe I’ve left though, five years and I’m finally free and once september rools around I won’t be waking up so early and pullin on the same old shirt and tie… I’LL BE A COLLEGE STUDENT! Yes I can’t wait, it’s a big exciting adventure, I’m happy, I’ve left school and I have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world.

I’m still finishing so much work which is way past it’s deadline and I still haven’t found a job. I guess I just need to take things one step at a time. I guess I’ll update more when something big happens or when I just have time!  :happy: