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August 7th, 2012

Arts and Crafts!

Well I’m not too much on an art type of person, I can’t draw, I’m not a very good painter and I’m not good with sculpting clay. The only ‘art’ type of thing I can actually be proud of is this:

Part of my art project for my BTEC (I didn’t have a choice) was to create a 3D fictional character which is easily recognized by it’s clothing and facial features. Me and my best friend decided on the Corpse Bride by Tim Burton and this type of art we loved doing every minute of it. This is something we are tremendously proud of.

I love writing and it can be a form of art I guess. It’s mine and my boyfriend’s 6 month anniversairy of the 14th of this month and well we like to celelbrate the little half one because it’s a very big achievemnt so I wanted to get creative. I’ve always liked the idea of scrapbooks but ones where you can add photos and text and it’s not all really orangised just plain pages. After slaving over every shop in my city centre I came across Paperchase, now I don’t always like shopping here because it’s so expensive but I found the most gorgeous book ever I just couldn’t say no.
It set me back £8.75 but once I’d laid eyes on it I just needed to have it! I love making scrapbooks but the books I make them in must be pretty and this is the best one I’ve had so far. There were lots of different styles with different colored paper, but because I’m giving it to my boyfriend I had to pick neutral colors (I’ll have to snap up the others as well as their hand made notebooks some other day ^.^)
My favorite bit about the whole book is the way it closes. Now I’m a person who is very particular about these things because I hate to see lovely books get ruined. This one clothes with a little ribbon you can tie in a bow. Now if I wasn’t already sold this would be it, this is the cherry on the top of this little cake and I’m in love.
Also the pages are black which means white framed photographs and light pens would stand out really nicely on the page, I also liked this color because it was different and a little special. I also got carried away with myself and bought a cute little silver pen to write in which set me back nearly £4! I think I’ll stick to WHSmiths for my pens next time.

I just can’t wait to get started on this! I’m so excited heh, I hope Tom loves it as much as I do – xo
July 22nd, 2012

I’m back!

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while have I. Well lot’s has happened! I finally got a job interview which I’m waiting to hear back from, I had my prom and also I went on holiday to a small campsite near Hornsea. I’m not sure whether to do 2 posts about the last few weeks, I feel as if prom deserves it’s own post so I think that’s what I’ll do  :happy:

1. Me and my boyfriend at prom (before it started.)
 2. My nails for prom which my boyfriend so kindly did  :love:
3. My make up for prom (this was just a test run.)
4. Pictures of me and my favorite people. me at the other guy is my friend Luke, one of me and my boyfriend Tom and the big one is of my  and my best friend Cheryl.
5. Photo of me and Cheryl done by the photographer.
6. Me and my brother in my back garden before prom.
7. Me and Cheryl at prom yet again before we went in.
8. Top picture is me, my mum and my brother. Bottom is me, my brother and my dad.
9. This is another photo of me and my friend Luke.
I have to say it was different to what I though it’d be – no I didn’t get upset, it was just nice to spend a night with friends that I don’t see a lot outside of school and I can tell you what I’m going to miss some of them so so much, they mean the world to me. Plus we had the DJ play loads of old music which was just the cherry on top of the cake.