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May 11th, 2012


Just a small update on my school art project, mine and my friends sculpture is the Corpse Bride couple. Also we have Beetlejuice, Jazz and Bumbellbee from transformers and Green Goblin (in these photos) also being made is;

  • jack and sally (nightmare before christmas)
  • the corpse bride couple
  • mr t
  • a dragon from harry potter
  • bumbellbee and jazz from transformers
  • buckbeak from harry potter
  • godzilla
  • green goblin
  • spiderman
  • doc oc (spiderman films)
  • venom
  • ziggy stardust
  • dr evil and mini me
  • beetlejuice
  • iron man
  • an ‘avatar’ from warm hammer
  • harry potter and dobby
  • captain america

also we also have tons more but i can’t remember anymore, but i’ll post pictures of them all after they’ve been finished and displayed :vhappy: We are all including my teacher are so so proud of them!  :love: